Weekly Photo Challenge : NOSTALGIC/ NOSTALGIA

Nostalgic means longing for past, reminiscing, or longing for past. We must have any nostalgic moments in our own live and sometimes we want to experience it again once more, if the event is memorable and enchanting.

What I remembered…when camera was still film, not digital. When I started to learn photography during my childhood (though not professional at all up to now), I love to take several impressive moments through analogue camera. I had to bring the roll to the studio and wait for several days. If the results were good, we’re happy, but if not…we’re so disappointed as it couldn’t be repeated.

Just for nostalgic moment, I’d like to share this ….. it was taken by my friend and not my own camera…but enjoy it.

For this challenge…

ImageTaken in Semarang

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40 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : NOSTALGIC/ NOSTALGIA

  1. Hey my friend nice to see you. I nearly had mistaken you as a Japanese Tourist,but something gave it away that it was you.Oh buy the way great Shot.

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  4. finally… mas Bambang in the post…πŸ˜€
    dah sejak kecil ya mas fotografinya. gak kayak saya… masih baru2 aja.

  5. Kok iso sampeyan iki dikiro wong Jepang karo sing komen paling atasπŸ˜€

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  8. aih ini mo narcis apa mo moto kamera jadul?

  9. Wah… pindah di Serpong yo mas ??

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