(Reflection) : Be Proud of Your Regional Accent

Do you have your own regional accent? I think everybody has got it, particularly whose from provincial or rural areas.
Do you ever think your original accent heard funny or awkward for others?
Do you ever get bad experiences because of your accent?
Do you feel ashamed with your accent?

It is a problematic think when you’re learning a more standard or widely used language. Alike myself, when I learned English for the first time, I was more interested in British accent to American one and I tried to mimic it as closer as possible. It’s hard job and finally I’m failed hahahahaha….

Next, I ever also tried to change my accent when speaking Bahasa Indonesia. My real accent is East Javanese one which heard harsh and having raising tone, as well as deeply accentuated in ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘g’ and ‘j’. While Indonesian standard has got light ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘g’ and ‘j’ though not as light as Spanish does. I ever joined campus radio when I was still young, and totally I could almost minimize my regional accent, as standard and Jakarta accents were required. Even until nowadays, all Indonesian speaking programs must be spoken properly without any regional accents. For temporary I could do it, but then I returned to my original accent while speaking bahasa Indonesia. My friends sometimes mocked me, particularly from Jakarta. But then time goes by, I should give up to mimic other accents and stuck on my own regional dialect.

When I spoke Javanese and lived in Semarang, Central Java, people could easily tell my origin just from my accent and pronunciation, whereas I spoke Semarangese dialect.
“You must be from East Java, musn’t be?” asked my new acquaintance
“How do you know?”
“I can tell it from your accent.” He told me.
“How come?” I asked again
“High pitched, harsh and quarreling-like tone are the sign you’re from East Java.”
That’s great job! By traveling though just around Java island, I can get many knowledge, particularly for knowing many regional accents. Your accent is wonderful. Every regional dialects has got its own uniqueness, though by power standard language is imposed for covering all accents. As you see, in many languages, sometimes even one village has its own dialect and its neighbouring villages cannot understand so…standard language is important.

However and finally, I realize that my accent is unique..inherited from my hometown and I don’t want to mimic following other dialects. So, when I speak any languages, sometimes my regional accent appears. Indonesians have got their own accents when speaking Indonesian or English. But this is a grace, because Indonesians mostly are able to pronounce all alphabet perfectly, and their English is mostly very clear and more grammatically structured (for those who can speak English). (I don’t mean to be proud or arrogant…not at all! just tell about something).

The moral : do not be ashamed with your regional accent, even if people consider it funny or weird. Just try to proud of it, because it’s your heritage and cannot be deleted only one night show. Even people can tell your origin from your accent and it can make you famous (hehehehe). But just proud of it.

Don’t be ashamed…
Don’t be embarrassed…

Because I am proud of my East Javanese accent. What about you?

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  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Q1 :Yes I think .But I really don’t care. Q2 : no I haven’t maybe I am to nice,smile. Q 3 : Never ever I am proud to be from this Area.

    1. Hahahahahahaa…..great!!

  2. uni fauzia says:


  3. Betul mas betul… jangan malu ama dialect, itu kan identitas.. hihiiiiiii 😀

  4. niprita says:

    Saya nggak punya logat… 😦 lahir dari peranakan campuran Sumatra-Sunda, dan ortu juga dari kecil tinggal di Jakarta, kota urban yang heterogen banget, jadi unsur budaya kesukuan di keluarga kami tipis banget 😦

    1. Jadilah Indonesia..hehehehehe

      1. niprita says:

        Hehe… enaknya kalau begitu bisa pilih budaya mana yang mau saya anut, nggak diarahkan untuk ngikutin budaya bapak atau ibu atau lingkungan.

      2. Hehehehe..yang penting tetap budaya Indonesia.

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