(What I Think About Indonesians) : SMILEY….SMILE….Not SMELL…

Once more when I am thinking about my own nations. It seems great, but also weird at the same time. Globalization has changed everything even to our basic cultures….smile!

Maybe many people know this jargon “Never talk to a stranger” or even “Never look at a stranger” or…even…”Never smile at a stranger”. Many Indonesians nowadays have adopted these sentences, I don’t know why. One of Indonesian basic cultures is smile. Smile has been integrated part of Indonesians, and I still remember when my mom told me for smiling to everyone, even to a stranger. Because we believe that smile, even to a stranger is a gift and good ethics when we meet someone. Eye contacts are also important when we’re talking to a stranger.

In a public transportation
A (stranger) : Where’re you going?
B (stranger) : Ooo…to Station B

It is not uncommon when a stranger greet or make a small talk, such as when I was at a doctor and in queue, somebody whose seat next to me will say : “What kind of illness?” / Sakit apa? or “What’s your queuing number? berapa nomor antriannya?”. It is not strange and weird as it is part of small talk. And I was surprised when even though less and less smiles drawn on many Indonesians, but Indonesian is still considered as the no 1 smiley nation. Economic, social and political problems have changed everything, but smile culture shouldn’t be forgotten.

When I meet a stranger, I still smile at him or her if it is necessary. Though there’s no any responds, or even I am considered as weird or insane, but this is the culture. The basic culture which has been faded by more and more individualistic eras.

Just smile, even to a stranger but not too much. Hahahaha…

Smile can make us look younger and friendly. Every nations has got its own manner in cultures, but smile is the commonest thing. Smile is universal and it is the closest way among two or more strangers. I love smile, though problems have been anywhere because my mission is when I’ll be forty, I still look like ten years younger than my real age.

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  1. uni fauzia says:

    tidur deh..besok kesiangan..!:D

  2. uni fauzia says:

    4.02 am..wordpress….5.03 am malaysia…hahaha…morning!

  3. ‘When I meet a stranger, I still smile at him or her if it is necessary” me too.. I wasnt smile that much back then, maybe Sundanese/Javanese culture changed me a lot here. Oh, and now i always say “thank you” “makasi pak” “makasi teh” “makasi aa” after buy something and ofcourse smile. *i wasnt like that before. lol*

  4. Hanno Phenn says:

    Isn’t it strange how even established culture can change in a blink of an Eye .I think it is sad in someways .

    1. Yes, because of informations and global changes.

  5. Saya dulu sering banget tersenyum, ada orang ngobrol ga ngerti ikutan senyum, dikit-dikit senyum, ketemu orang dijalan, kadang senyum. suatu hari ditanya opa suami ko sering banget senyum-senyum jlep nusuk banget mungkin dikira saya rada miring haha selanjutnya senyum pada tempatnya saja.

    1. Hahahaha, iya..senyum sesuai dengan lokasinya.

  6. My Tropical Home says:

    It’s the same here. I think in cities people have become “self-protective” and think that they appear easy to take advantage of if they’re friendly by smiling. I still smile at strangers, though maybe not so much at men 🙂 but women, children, older folk, yes.

    1. Yes, for different gender sometimes it’s dilemmatic..hehehehe. But at least, we show that we’re friendly.

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