(Friday Intermezzo) : Some Words of Bahasa/Indonesian For You…

Hi there!
Apa kabar?
Just for you, for those who love languages or learning languages, I only wanna share some things about my national language which can be learned while having fun. Unfortunately I have no much time for recording myself as slower connection here. Hahahahaha….All right, but for this moment, I wanna give some words, not greetings or something else first, but just  animals at the beginning hehehehe…

Binatang/Hewan : Animals

You can use binatang and hewan interchangeably. But most Indonesians tend to use binatang than hewan. These are the lists…Indonesian is pronounced as it’s written, unlike English, but close to Spanish,except we don’t pronounce ‘j’ as ‘x’ and pronounce ‘h’ very well. We have also good pronunciation for ‘r’.

Anjing – dog
Kucing – cat
Burung – bird
Bebek/Itik – duck
Angsa – goose
Kupu-kupu – butterfly
Laba-laba – spider
Elang – hawk
Rajawali – eagle
Ular – snake
Ular derik – rattle snake
Ular sanca – boa
Monyet – monkey
Kera – ape
Burung merak – peacock
Raja udang – kingfisher
Burung nasar – vulture
Ayam – chicken
Anak ayam – chick
Ayam betina – hen
Ayam jantan/ayam jago – cock/rooster
Ikan – fish
Reptilia/binatang melata – reptile
Mamalia/binatang menyusui – mammals
Unggas – poultry
Rusa/kijang – deer
Domba – sheep
Kambing – goat
Kalkun – turkey
Kuda – horse
Harimau – tiger
Macan tutul – leopard
Citah – cheetah
Singa – lion
Dubuk – hyena
Antilop – AntelopeIkan paus – whale
Lumba-lumba – dolphin
Paus pembunuh – orca
Ikan hiu – shark
Buaya – crocodile
Burung hantu – owl

Sorry, still random. Hopefully I’ll rearrange it soon.

Have a nice Friday!!!

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  1. cynthiamc1 says:

    Excuse me while I let the kucing in and the anjing out. 🙂

    1. Hahahahahaa….silakan (please do)

  2. Chas Spain says:

    I love this list – it has a few animals which are new words to me. I didn’t realise ’til I went this time to Surabaya that it means shark and crocodile.

    1. Yes, Surabaya is combination between those two animals. Hehehehe…
      I’ll rearrange it.

  3. uni fauzia says:

    kangen dgn tuisyen kamu..huhu…

    1. Semoga bisa terobati 🙂

  4. My Tropical Home says:

    Thanks for this…had a review of my Bahasa Melayu from yesteryears…and of course, the similarities with Tagalog are numerous…looking forward to the next installment…

    1. Okay, wait for the next soon…:)

  5. Andre says:

    wow amazing.. 🙂

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