Daily Prompt : Bookworm/Kutu buku – La Tahzan/Don’t be Sad/Jangan Bersedih


I am part of world’s wormbooks. Say, in Bahasa it’s called ‘kutu buku’, literally ‘book flea’. However I’ve forgotten how many books I read so far, as I never take it into account. Once I read, I can do it all day long particularly books related to linguistics, cultures, religions, comics or philosophy if it is possible. What I dislike is reading novel, as I am not patient enough to finish all those novel. I only had three novels in my life. Two of them are The X-files series : Ruins and Ground Zero. I bought them in 1997 and up to now I haven’t finished reading them. The rest is ‘Lelaki Terindah’ or ‘The Most Beautiful Man’, a gay-themed Indonesian novel. I never discriminate what I read because for me those are as increasing our wisdoms.

What I never forget is, when I was 10, I found Lenin’s autobiography in my uncle’s library and some books about Marxism. I still remember some parts of them and ‘Das Kapital’ as well. However, they didn’t make me into a Communist as I was too young. Hehehehe…

I don’t like reading Harry Potter series, as it’s too long and tiring. I prefer reading short stories and I am writing some short stories for my pleasure, in another phrase ‘killing timer’.

All right, let me tell you about my favorite book. The most lovely book I ever read is ‘La Tahzan’ or ‘Don’t be Sad’. It is authored by ‘Aidh Al-Qarny and becomes a best seller book in Middle East till Asia. I bought the book in 2005 and it is very deeply inspiring me. When I was in my lowest point, Thanks God I met the book. La Tahzan teaches us how to thankful for all situations, how to face the crucial problems and gives spirit for more believe in The Almighty based on Islamic view.

La Tahzan inspires me to be better person, tough one and ready for facing even the worst thing as I believe that life is much alike bird. It will fly but starts from the commence, and never directly become success, surely never forget to God’s gracious gift. As there are always silver lines within the thickest cloud, and there’s always blessings in disguise for all our problems.

This is from my point of view. Even though La Tahzan is Islamic book (not terroristic!), but my Christian friends also love to read it, and interpret it into their own beliefs. This is why I love this book so much.

Inspiring, enlightening

Malang, 17 June 2013

For this daily prompt

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  1. ryan says:

    love the book also, but haven’t finish it though. love the title: Jangan Bersedih.

    for Harry Potter… it’s quite quick to read them.

    1. I’ve read it many times, till the book becomes dirty.

      1. ryan says:

        pinjammmm πŸ˜€

      2. ryan says:

        lebih suka baca yang dah lecek n de kumel hahahaha.

  2. fauziyah junid says:

    X suka novel.?hheheeee….ada yh best juga…(tp udah resign dr mbc novel…he)..

    1. Hehehehee..begitrulah

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