(Eyes’candy of Friday) : Wonderful Cakes…Wanna Some?

I just walked to a mall in Semarang this afternoon. There’s a baking festival held until Sunday. There were many beautiful cakes, made of course participants, and some of them were contested. So beautiful and wonderful till nobody dared to eat it (as you’ll be beaten by the jurors!).

Taken at Paragon Semarang, Fortune Baking Festival 2013

ImageBatik Wedding cake

ImageSexy kebaya cake

ImageHot rainbow puddings

ImageSpongebob birthday cake

ImageThe largest birthday cake…wow! Fairies in one

ImageWhich one do you choose?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Summer says:

    cuma ngeliat potonya aja udh bikin gigi terasa ngilu karena makan makanan manis kayak gini x__x

  2. wonderful pictures, tx for visiting, from TIGER ENTERPRISE, the organizer…

    1. You’re very welcome

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