(Blast from The Past) : Indonesian Advertisements from 1950s-1960s

I’ve found again some old advertisements when I visited my acquaintance’s antique shop. Those were from between 1950s-1960s, when Indonesia still used Suwandi’s spelling (modified from ophuysen one which had been misused since 1947). The Suwandi’s spelling changed oe into u, while tj (c), dj(j), nj (ny) remained unchanged until 1972. Some of those can be still found in Indonesia’s markets. Enjoy blast from the past now.

ImageTranslation : Eid-ul-Fitr has come!
Have fun! Celebrate! Be Happy!

Happiness in Eid-ul-Fitr will be more delicious by giving tasty food for all family
Therefore, everybody choose Blueband Sun flower!

Honorable for the best margarine!

Image“Giman is always success”
(the rest from left to right)

1. After having vacation, Giman brings flower plant. Giman and his mother are happy
2. At the garden, Giman digs a hole till tired, his mom offers him Blue band spread sandwich
3. Look at mom’s effort! Giman regains his power!
4. The flower in the garden, blooms lavishly, mom and dad are proud of him, they laugh together.

Because of mom
Strong – healthy

For this generation, that language variation in those ads are considered old-fashioned and sometimes funny. But for me myself, this is history, our language develops dynamically and changes generation by generation.

From the heritage, we won’t forget ourselves.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. dhaverst says:

    if BLACK BAND…measn LAKBAN…

  2. Badai says:

    btw selalu suka lihat iklan2 jadul seperti ini.. salut buat Giman! 🙂

  3. wuuuuuuuuih adoh men perbandingane karo iklane jaman saiki
    tapi bdw tetep ana satu tema sing padha ya mas…

    padha2 tokoh sentrise cah lanang sing penampilane necis ngono hehehe

    1. Yo kan disesuaikno ambek jamane je..hehehehe..

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