(Small Story of Day) : One Day in A Traditional Market

What do you feel when you come to a traditional market?
Crowded, untidy, mixed smells, but all you can buy there
You can bargain, but actually it is unfair for the vendors
From traditional market you can get wisdom
Struggle, friendship, intrigue, fresh products and traditions
Things you will not get from ultra-modern super or hypermarket.

(Semarang, 11 June 2013)


ImageWhich one will you buy?

ImageAll fresh

ImageBuy me! buy me! said the veggies…

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25 responses to “(Small Story of Day) : One Day in A Traditional Market

  1. Kangen ke pasar tradisional spt ini, kangen bau rempah2, transaksi tawar menawarnya juga seru😀.

  2. uni fauzia

    Bambang..coba fokus pada buah2an/sayurAN…(IMEJ JARAK DEKAT)

  3. Mari jadikan pasar tradisional sbg national heritage.

  4. The produce looks so beautiful and fresh – you could get healthy just standing next to all of those fruit and veggies. I was sorry that when I visited Indonesia recently I didn’t get time to find any local markets. (I was working and it was all very busy going from meeting to meeting.) I remember visiting my first market in Indonesia and how amazing it was.

    • Yes, and we taught our students to buy in traditional market and bargain if it is considered too expensive. Most of us prefer going shopping in modern hypermarket/minimarket to the traditional one, and it is so sadly said.

      Next time I believe you’ll visit it again🙂

  5. Beautiful photos of fresh healthy veggies. How could one resist buying from this lovely lady with the bright smile and hopeful face?

  6. timunsuri, kecipir, lama ga lihat..

  7. oh those tomatoes look so lovely

  8. Selalu terharu sekaligus kagum liat mbok2 yg jualan di pasar gini

  9. Gimana mas, harga jengkol masih mahal gak? Hehe…

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