(A Note from Dieng Plateau) : Telaga Merdada / Merdada Lake

This is another note from Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia.


There are several lakes scattered within Dieng Plateau and its surroundings. I have visited almost all lakes and all are beautiful. Combination between coolness and breezing morning, shining sun and vanishing fog. I love to visit there particularly when the sun is to rise, that’s the best view and grace from God. I can feel its magical sensation and one more thing, I feel as if I am on the top of Java.

ImageThe sign

ImageTelaga Merdada 1

There are Telaga Warna, Telaga Pengilon, Telaga Cebongan and the last thing is Telaga Merdada. It has got 75 ha, and formerly it was a crater which had been died and filled by rainfall into nowadays. As its wide, Telaga Merdada becomes the largest lake within Dieng Plateau, located in Desa Karangtengah, Kecamatan (District) Batur, Banjarnegara, Central Java. It is not really far from other Dieng sites which separated into Banjarnegara and Wonosobo parts.

ImageAnother view from Merdada

ImageNot the apparition!

At Merdada Lake, you can see gardens and farms scattered around the lake. It has got dual functions, besides for tourism, it is also vital irrigation for surroundings. It is very beautiful and wonderful. However, the farmers still put their compos near the lake that’s why when I walked there, I could smell something bad from those compos. While still the road is bad enough that you should be careful when reaching there. Other facilities are not available yet and it deteriorate visitation rates for those who come to Dieng Plateau. The local government should pay more attention to this, particularly rehabilitate roads to the lake and it will be more accessible. This is dilemma, as tourism itself has got two sides akin to coin. Good and bad sides. It should be thought over together.


But overall, I love its scenery. It relaxes my mind and soul. By looking at it around, I can forget all my problems for a while.

This is for you all…


Have a relax time!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Nice friendly chap in the picture.

  2. uni fauzia says:

    tenang dan damai…nice pictures..

    1. Terima kasih…disana ada yg macam ini?

  3. uni fauzia says:

    iN sHAA aLLAH…ada…di Perak(Taiping..plg terkenal Taman Tasik)…Bukit Merah…dlll..hehehe2 itu kira dekat dgn rumah …

    1. Iya, tapi mungkin dengan karakter vulkanis belum tentu ada lho disana.
      Kawasan Dieng ini masih aktif mengeluarkan gas belerang dan kawah-kawah yang terus bermunculan.

  4. toni ardik says:

    wonderful Indonesia…

  5. Ian says:

    Nice pic and artikel

    Kunbal gan alrizqiadrian.blogspot.co.id

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