(A Note from Dieng Plateau) : Wildberries at Telaga Pengilon

“Look! There’s wildberries!” shout my friend when we were walking along muddy path to Telaga Pengilon (twin of Telaga Warna). I usually just walk straight on without looking at surrounding, but then when I looked to my left side, that’s true! there were bushes of wildberry. Most of them were still unriped, but some others had been riped. Then we went to the bushes to take some hot red wildberries.

My friend said those wildberries are good especially for energy booster, especially for hikers. But as those had got thorns, we should be careful. I only took some closest to the path, while my friend took until the farthest. Sometimes I ate some, but after harvesting others, I and him took the pictures before we ate it. Hahahaha.. It tasted sour and little bit sweet.

That’s the hidden treasure for me to find it in wild one. Enjoy these pictures and special for you all.


ImageRiped ones

Special for you with all my heart

ImageTelaga Pengilon



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    The Berries have a very nice colour.

    1. And though they’re generally sour, but fresh.

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        We have here a saying sour will cheer you up.

  2. Enak nih. Acem acem segerr!

  3. Chas Spain says:

    What a nice gift – berries along a walking track – very thoughtful. Looks like a beautiful place to be.

    1. And many people who visit there do not know about it. But I think it will be better, cause, if they know…the berries will be damaged.

  4. uni fauzia says:

    wow…..!!!! nampak sedap.dan CANTIK.

    1. Dan liar lagi..hehehehe

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