(Goody Foody Indonesia) : Sate Jamur/ Mushroom Satay

In Bahasa it is called as Jamur or Cendawan. But for Indonesian sense, cendawan has got connotation as poisonous fungi and usually it has got very bright colour and surely they’re not edible at all. Mushroom can be created in accordance to our tastes. It can be part of our soup, omelette, fried, sauteed and many styles. And it has been well known as alternative for mock meat, good for vegetarians who avoid any types of meat.

ImagePre-grilled sate jamur

One of my favourite mushroom dishes is what we call here sate jamur or mushroom satay. I found the best place for having sate jamur in Wonosobo (120 km west of Semarang). I just want to share about what I have eaten there, as Wonosobo is famous of its agricultural crops and located in plateau, so oyster mushroom is also grown there and fresh. Sate Jamur is my favourite dish when I visit the city. It identically tastes much alike the real meat, soft and….till I couldn’t tell anything more about it.


Traditionally, Indonesian satays are combined with peanut sauce and so sate jamur does. It is quite simple in preparation and does not require too complicated condiments. As I see, the hawker only marinate the skewed mushroom satay into some peanut sauce and soy sauce, then grill it for a while. Even much faster than ordinary meat as its soft characteristic. You can enjoy the sate jamur on a plate with lontong (a compressed cylinder rice cake), rice with peanut sauce. Or if you like it hotter, you can add some chopped chilli, sprinkle it with chopped onion and fried one, as well as garnish it with sliced tomato and cucumber. That would be fun for having it.


When I bought that satay in Wonosobo, it costs only IDR 6,000 with lontong or IDR 5,000 without lontong. As mushroom is very flexible, you can modify the satay maybe into your preferences. Just enjoy it and it’s good news for vegetarians as well.

Love it!


18 Comments Add yours

  1. Wew! Sate jamur? Baru denger.

      1. Iya. Apa kabar rasane?

      2. Enak kok…gak jauh beda dari daging.

  2. ryan says:

    Baru tahu ada sate jamur…

      1. ryan says:

        iya mas. 🙂

      2. Masak di Jakarta gak ada?

      3. ryan says:

        belum nemu sih. mungkin ada kali ya.

      4. Cari aja…kali nyelempit.

  3. elam says:

    Beberapa kali nyoba dan selalu enak… 😀

    1. Itulah….yg enak pasti dicari.

  4. tinsyam says:

    kelihatannya dari jamur putih yang lebar itu ya.. ku sering bikin pake jamur campignon..

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