Angle is something important, particularly when you take a picture.
Everyone can interpret a picture through which angle and which point of view.
For this challenge, let me share some of photos I consider as ANGLE or in Bahasa = SUDUT
Thank’s Sue



Sundak Beach, Jogjakarta


Lawang Sewu, Semarang


Dwarawati Temple, Dieng Plateau


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  1. Summer says:

    I did not really care about ‘angle’ or something -.- I just wanted to take pictures, that’s all :))

    1. But angle is also important, especially when you want to emphasize something.

      1. Summer says:

        Yeap, it’s useful for people who take pictures for living or something like that :)) I’m not a professional photographer so yeah… :))

      2. Me too, but sometimes it’s important then…hehehe.

  2. ibuseno says:

    Sudut 2 yg eksotis.. 🙂

    1. Yang penting nyudut Teh..hehehehe

  3. Hanno Phenn says:

    Super Images well don they look great.

  4. uni fauzia says:

    100% correct…ada foto yg keliatan sgt unik dan hebat disebabkan pemilihan anglenya..

    1. Iya, karena pengambilan sudut dapat menimbulkan pemahaman yang berlainan. Ada yang dipotret dari sudut A nampak cantik, tapi disudut lain nampak jelek.

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