(Goody Foody Indonesia) : Cassava Fritter

I love snack and I believe you love it too.

Indonesians love fritters as well as other nations and one of them is cassava fritter or in Bahasa named ‘Singkong Goreng’. In some Indonesian regions, particularly among Javanese people who live in southern part of Java, cassava becomes main staples and created into many typical traditional foods (incl tapioca). When I am at home, my mom sometimes fries cassava for our snack time. It is also simply cooked and have with tea or coffee called ‘Roti Sumbu’.

Singkong goreng or cassava fritter has got many variations in terms of way. Just fry it directly or in this way….the way I love it so much namely Surabayan style as it is originated from Surabaya, East Java.

The cassava is cooked for a while (approximately 10 minutes) or fried till half-done. Meanwhile, prepare its marinate made of some water, garlic, salt, grinded pepper, turmeric and/or coriander. It depends on everyone’s tastes, you can add chili powder or anything you think it can makes your cassava fritter becomes more tasty. Then, marinate your semi-cooked cassava for a while. Afterwards, fry again your cassava until well-done. It is smooth inside and crunchy outside, the color will be yellowish as some turmeric. Some also add cheese to replace salt and it has got different taste.

Cassava fritter can be found everywhere particularly in food stalls, and becomes one of Indonesian’s favorites along with other traditional or modern snacks.

Gold but not golden

Hot, crunchy and smooth

Better to have it when it is still warm

Good for rainy times

Good for your tea time



32 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Sounds very scrummy.

  2. michael says:

    Hahahah baru aja kemaren sore saya ngidam ketela goreng apalagi dikasih kriuk-kriuk hmmm yummy …

  3. ryan says:

    Lebih enak kalau dikukus sebentar mas sebelum digoreng. jadi lebih renyah. jadi pengen singkong goreng…

    1. Emang…kan aku bilang disitu. Hehehehe.

      1. ryan says:

        tadinya maksud hati menulis: memang kalau dikukus …..
        eh tangan ngetiknya beda. hehehehe

      2. Hahahaha…harap mafhum

      3. ryan says:

        kok tumben mas gak ikutan WPC yang kemarin? padahal nungguin loh.

      4. WPC? hahahahaa….lagi repot neh. Nunggu lainnya dulu.

      5. ryan says:

        pantas… ditunggu postingannya gak muncul2 di reader.

      6. Hehehehee..maklum repot

      7. ryan says:

        dimaklumi deh.

  4. tinsyam says:

    fritter itu artinya bakwan bukan sih?

  5. I would go back to Indonesia for the food alone!!

  6. nur4hini says:

    makkhansa pumya langganan gorengan di sby, belakang graha pena. dulu kalo mo ngantor, biasanya beli dulu gorengan satu tas kresek buat sarapan sekantor, isinya tahu isi, singkong goreng, dll 🙂

    1. Hehehehehehe….mendadak kangen gorengan depan gang neh.

  7. eliz says:

    I will try this! I love casava, but didn’t know to do it this way! YUM

    1. You can try it…by your version. But before…you should bake it until half-done, it will be more yummy.

  8. uni fauzia says:

    sedapnya ubi..(mikirin..singkong tu apa mulanya..hehe)
    ubi tu buat kerepek ubi saja..sdp!

    1. Hehehehee….
      Kripik singkong disini banyak sekali.

  9. uni fauzia says:

    sekarang lagi cuti/libur eh..?
    blk kpg mbang?masak2…

    1. Belum..
      Pertengahan Juni baru liburan.

  10. crispy yummy yummy 😀

      1. ora ana maaaaaaas… huhuhu kirimke….

      2. Nggawe dhewe thooYeee…jal gawe dhewe

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