Weekly Writing Challenge : Through the Door, Through History

ImageI have got an exciting experience about the door. If I have a free time, I always spend my time visiting one or several ancient temples scattered in Central Java and Jogjakarta ( I am Indonesian and living in Indonesia). When I visited there, sometimes I just keep silent in front of its entrance door and started to think about what happened in the past. Usually temples doors are decorated by enormous relief which has got its own story. It is dark and I just wonder what happened inside and beyond the door more than one millennia ago.

What’s beyond the door?

What’s inside it?

What happened afterwards?

Is it wonderful or dreadful?


When I passed the entrance, I feel as if jumped into our ancestor’s glory. In my mind, I could see people do their daily life, in different attires, in different manners, and even different rites. I considered myself become part of them, and when the royal king passed through, all people praised him as if he is god. I just see the happening in silence, and still standing in front of the door entrance. The portal which connects past and present. I always wonder how they handle criminalities, judicial system, legal system and their festivals. Something I just dream about through historical references. But, I couldn’t even communicate with them, they spoke a very archaic form of my language. So archaic till I couldn’t even get every single words. I was out of place….in my own imaginary vision about the past.


Kala Makara, a dragon-like creature is always decorated above the door. I do not know exactly about its function. But Kala Makara itself has got responsibility to protect as well as Dwarapala and Banaspati. When you enter to the temple, only darkness you can find, and if you are lucky enough, there are several decorative figures on the wall or decaying survived ancient statues. I wonder people a millennia ago praised to their God in the place and when I look outside, I just see rubbles and ruines. It has been different, and the door entrance is a connecting portal between us and our ancestor.

Something we must learn

Something we should respect

Something we must keep on mind

Something we shouldn’t be forgotten

Something we must tell to our offspring

This is history.

When I leave out the inside, I see a bright light. I’ve been in my time. Leaving my imagination about my ancestors and their way of life. I can see many people visit the site as tourists, though some still use it as worshipping place. The era is always changing, leaving the old to the new one. The temples are only silent witnesses from a constantly complicated history. Much alike our own live. We will always pass from door to door. From temporary life into eternal one. What kind of door I will pass after this? I don’t know, you don’t know, all of us have no idea about the next. Leaving the past and hopefully entering the new brighter live.

I always love to visit ancient places and will always look for the door in order to find out what happened inside its history. Through my imaginary door and wisdom. Something I will continue to my descendants, as much alike looking for the truth. For myself and for all people I know.


7 May 2013

For this challenge

4 Comments Add yours

  1. the door is opened and bring the historical imagination…. that’s just happened in old buildings such as the temples… right…

    1. This is why I want to dream about it….

  2. tinsyam says:

    kaya lewat jaman mana kalu lewat pintupintu candi itu ya..

    1. Betul sekali….balik ke masa silam yang tak terulang.

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