(Saturday’s Post) : Semarang Night Carnival

Semarang Night Carnival is part of celebrating Semarang’s birthday and since 2011, it has become annual agenda which is followed by various communities and schools in all parts of Semarang. Actually Semarang Night Carnival is inspired by Solo Batik Carnival, and even Solo Batik Carnival itself has been inspired by Jember Street Fashion. From Jember (and inspired by Brazilian carnival), the ‘Brazilian-styled’ carnival has spreaded until Jakarta and even small cities particularly in Java, Indonesia. Elaborating costumes, but not as ‘shocking’ as Brazilians. Still properly, not too mini and even for Solo Batik Carnival, the ornaments are from batik which differentiate it with others.

ImageI have followed Semarang Night Carnival since its beginning. It is started at 7 pm from City Hall in Jalan Pemuda, Jalan Pandanaran, until Simpang Lima and ended in Jalan Pahlawan, exactly in front of Governor’s office. The preparation has been approximately more than one month before and its participants are from schools, institutions, and various communities in Semarang. They designed their own costumes and got trained by Solo Batik Carnival personnel. No wonder the costume designs are much alike Solo ones.


I was too lazy to follow the carnival until the end. I came to the location very early, at 4.30 pm and this was the best moment for photographers to take as many models as possible for their portfolio. As I used digital pocket camera, I couldn’t expect to take the best moment at night. So, I just waited for with my friend taking best moments.


In the previous years, Semarang Night Carnival was always stopped by rain when the group had been in Jalan Pandanaran or Simpang Lima. But this year, no rain happens and so the event could be held without any problem. But the problem is, the audiences wanted to get closer to the carnival. Whereas, polices and committee had made limit line on the street. Yeach, it’s hard to manage crowds. Next time, it must be better.


In general Semarang Night Carnival 2013 is good, but less participants. I heard  the committee intentionally restrict the number of participants. But as far as people’s enthusiast still maintained, I think this carnival is successful. But for me, in the future I hope Semarang’s government will think about new innovations to make this carnival more attractive. Why? Semarang Night Carnival is essentially identical twin with Solo Batik Carnival. Just, it is held at night. I hope in the next years, Semarang Night Carnival gradually show its signature carnival. More than just now.

By the way, happy birthday Semarang!
Go to the world’s heritage 2020.


Bambang Priantono
4 May 2013

* I only share some of my photos for you all…heheh*

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16 responses to “(Saturday’s Post) : Semarang Night Carnival

  1. Very colourful,very floral .

  2. uni fauzia

    menarik…good..msh amalkan nilai /adat ketimuran..

  3. itu taon 2011.. tiap taon ada ya semarang festival?

  4. Sering banget sih yaaa Semarang ada acara macem2 , keren2 mas fotonya

  5. jarene ing Salatiga yo niru2 ana acara kaya ngene ngono… saka cah2 UKSW tapi mbuh kapan lan ing ngendi acarane diadake huhuhu

  6. so colorful, belum pernah motret karnaval, pasti seru..

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