Weekly Photo Challenge : From Above/ Dari Atas

You can take pictures from above…not just about nature, but also people.

Incidentally what I took this afternoon is suitable for your theme  when I saw Semarang Night Carnival just now. These are some pictures I have taken from above. Not really above, but for me it is above. Enjoy it with Indonesian beauty.

For this week’s challenge



34 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Very Nice but a odd angle.

    1. Yeach, as it is not from ordinary angle..hehehehe.

  2. senimahar says:

    Hi Mbang, I just stopping by and looked around your blog… and i saw the girls, as a matter of fact what they’re doin … ty for visit.

    1. They’re just sitting and talking something at the time.

      1. senimahar says:

        I thought that they’re contestants of IMB, be’e lo yo cak … hahaha lol

      2. Nggak…itu pesertanya Semarang Night Carnival kok..hehehehe..

  3. senimahar says:

    Ahhh … I see, good job anyway …ty

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