(What I Think About Indonesian as Indonesian) : GASTRONOMIC MANNERS

Maybe it’s not in the place to call it ‘gastronomic manners’, but I consider it the most suitable way to mention about Indonesian’s habit on food. It is only general view, as not all Indonesians do the same manners, depend on region, educational level or cultural exposures. Okay, let me start again about What I Think About Indonesian here.

1. Indonesians generally have their meals with spoon and fork, or only spoon or by hand. Sometimes I have my meal with hands and it’s so fun.

2. Sambal or Chilly sauce is a must in almost every Indonesian foods. Various sambals are found in all parts of Indonesia. From fresh raw sambal until cooked one. Indonesians also have their sambal with any savory fritters such as tempe, tofu, bakwan etc.

3. Without sambal, having meal is meaningless. Maybe for Europeans it is considered impolite to asking for chilly sauce. For us, sprinkling some peppers is not enough to make our food more ‘kicky’.

4. Many Indonesians love Durian (king of fruit), petai (stink bean) and jengkol (dogfruit). Akin to Malaysian and other South East Asian counterparts. Various food and beverages are made of Durian, petai and jengkol (but not beverages). Westerners consider durian is dreadful fruit as it smells bad for them, but for us it is very fragrant. Various durians are grown in Sumatera, Java and Kalimantan.

5. Most Indonesians do not consider eating session seriously. They do not differentiate between appetizer, main course and dessert. It can also be mislead. In wedding party, generally the guests mix between a small bowl of soup, a bunch of rice, and side dishes on the same plate.

6. Indonesians cannot be separated from krupuk (crackers). Krupuk is a highlight of meal which can make your lunch and dinner become delightful. Various krupuks are available from white until fish.

7. Halal or not is part of considerations. As most Indonesians are Muslim adherents. But some Indonesians also eat pork, even in particular areas dogs, rats, and bats. Once more Indonesians are so plural society.

8. Nowadays, super hot food becomes trend here. Many food products are available in super hot version and divided into various spiciness levels, from level 1 until 15 or 20 (the hottest one).

9. Lots of food hawkers. You don’t have to go to food center for getting some food. If you’re lazy, just wait at home and food hawkers will pass. So many alternatives you can take even until almost midnight you can get it. Satay? Nasi goreng? Fried noodles? so numerous!

What else ya? Hmmm……I think enough. If I remember, I’ll add more about it.


Bambang Priantono

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Spicy Stuff .I like it.

    1. But sometimes more than just spicy..even hot :))

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        Yes I know ,and I knew it ,you would bit on that little remark to point out hot. I was just teasing you.hahaha

      2. Hahahaha.. I see that.

      3. Hanno Phenn says:

        Well you are a clever Man .hang on I post in a couple of miniatures my version of your Jathilan . Just a single one but hey sometimes less is more.

      4. I’ll be waiting for it then…hehehehe.

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