(Goody Foody) : Kembang Tahu a.k,a Tahua a.k.a Douhua

ImageChinese culture has spread its influences all around the world, and Indonesia is also part of it. As you can see, from dress until culinary matters Chinese influence is vibrant though modified into local taste. In Indonesia, you can find two kinds of Chinese cuisine. Either pure or infused one. From the original (with pork) until Halal version as majority of Indonesians are Muslims.

Besides Lumpia, one of Chinese-origin food can be found here is Kembang Tahu. Literally, it means ‘tofu flower’ or in Chinese itself called Douhua/Tauhua. It is made of very soft tofu and therefore it has another name as tofu pudding or soybean pudding. It has been existed since Western Han Dynasty and distributed all over the world especially Asia along with Chinese immigrations. There are many variations of Douhua served in Asian countries, with sugar, soy sauce, syrup, sichuanese spices etc. Depends on local taste.


While in Indonesia itself, Douhua or Kembang Tahu is served with palm sugar syrup flavored with pandanus and ginger. That’s why it is soft, warm and sometimes spicy. Good for your body. It is sold by hawkers who walks along housing and streets. In Semarang for a bowl of Kembang Tahu, you just pay IDR 5,000 and enjoy it especially in cold or rainy weather, or in the morning.

Kembang Tahu or Douhua or Tahua or Javanese calls it ‘Wedang Tahu’ has been part of Indonesian cuisine and you can find it in many cities in Indonesia. Its smooth and warm taste makes me want to have it more and more.

This is small part of Indonesia for you all.


Bambang Priantono
1 May 2013


15 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you…you too.

      *Enjoying Kembang Tahu*

  1. ulillala says:

    sayange aku ora doyan….

  2. Oktofani says:

    Kirim sak mangkok cak

  3. ketemune wong dodolan kembang tahu ing Semarang ing ngendi, mas? durung tahu ngerasake ik hehehe

    1. Nang cedeke Pecinan akeh kok…

  4. Kayanya enak ya. Nyam nyam nyam!

    1. Enak, anget…disana masak gak ada sih?

      1. Ada, tapi saya nggak suka kembang tahu. Saya sukanya kembang desa. Oopps!

  5. tinsyam says:

    mangkoknya naksir deh..

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