I am so blessed my hometown, Malang is surrounded by mountains and some of them are still active. As you know, Indonesia has the most numerous volcanoes and many of them locate in Java island. If I am not mistaken, Gunung Kelud, Gunung Bromo, Gunung Kawi, Gunung Semeru, Gunung Anjasmoro, Gunung Welirang, Gunung Arjuno and more. One of them is Gunung Semeru which also the tallest mountain in Java. It locates in south-eastern of Malang, between Malang and Lumajang. While the rests are located in northern part and it forms a sleeping human.


Sleeping beauty…


Semeru mountain. The tallest one in Java. These photos are not new, but seeing its explosion makes me sometimes amazed, but also afraid. That’s God’s wonderful creation.

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  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Very peacefully and than Bang . smoke and the lot. Looks good .

    1. Yes, when it brings disaster, it also brings live.

      1. Sometimes its ashes come to my town if it explodes. It is one of the most active volcanoes.

      2. I still remember when I was still high schooler, I biked to school under ash shower from the mountain. So that’s why I had to wash my hair after getting school.

      3. Hanno Phenn says:

        I hope not just on that Day,smile. no joke aside .that might be a quite challenging experience.

      4. Yup, and nine years ago, Bromo was exploded and my mom had to clean up house from its reddish ashes.

      5. Hanno Phenn says:

        It sounds like a very serious situation .You never know what happens next.Of cause you lean to life with it,but it is there always.

      6. That’s why Java island is very dense, as the land is very fertile as effect of volcanoes and we have been accustomed to live in such situations. Indonesia is the meeting point two world’s ring of fire.

      7. Hanno Phenn says:

        Yes you are right how stupid of me .I didn’t realise ,well it must be my age haha.

      8. Hahaha, I don’t say about it right? hahahaha…

  2. musayka says:

    putri tidur gunung tertinggi didunia

  3. museliem says:

    Malang, kapan yah bisa kesana…

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