I am proud to be Indonesian, and this is the trademark of my humble house here. Indonesia has got various cultures and every part of this country has its own customs. Though culture is actually universal, but with different trade mark. For this week’s challenge, I’d like to present only tiny parts of it. You know, share about more than 500-700 cultures here is very hard and takes much time…hehehe.

The first, I share some display about Surakarta Royal Wedding. It is a little bit different to common Javanese wedding. I am lucky enough to see it directly, even though it wasn’t the real one. This display is intended to share people about Javanese royal wedding tradition, which has been simplified, but still wonderful.


While for the second one, I share about DUGDERAN dance which is held in Semarang for celebrating Ramazan. DUG is sound of drum and DER is sound of firecracker. Let me tell you later in my next post about this tradition.


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  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Very beautiful Pictures .great Colours and nicely balanced.

    1. Thank you…I haven’t been online for two days and when I know this challenge, I have to look for my old stocks. Luckily I’ve still got many pics.

      You can try to use it into your work as well Sir…:)

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        Can you email me the Pictures for better quality.I hope you liked the Music I emailed you.

      2. O…I haven’t checked it yet…okay, let me see.

  2. this challenge is really suitable for you,mas.. hehehe…bakalan akeh sing meh dilebokke ki

    1. Alon2 laaa…sithik2 wae ben podo penasaran.

  3. fantastic and another thing I’d like to see.

    1. Thank you very much…:)

  4. My Tropical Home says:

    What a wonderful share on Indonesian culture. I didn’t realise just how complex it was, like ours. Terima kasih for sharing with us.

    Warm regards,

    1. Sama-sama (you’re welcome) Mary

      I hope we can share our diversity each other for one world. 🙂

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