(Goody Foody Semarang) : GELO-GELO

ImageHi There!

I see you again in Goody Foody post. At this time I’d like to share about thing you can find in Semarang (maybe in other parts of Indonesia). It is called gelo-gelo. Gelo-gelo is a street fruit hawker who sell their fruit in pieces. He usually walks around housings or such centers as in front of schools, mosques, churches or malls and other places. The Gelo-gelo seller pushes his chart and looks for his customer by calls or makes special sound like hitting something like his back part of chart or other attractive ones. You can find the gelo-gelo all day long even until midnight (I’ve got my favorite gelo-gelo seller who always comes between 9 – 11 pm).

What does he sell?

The typical sliced fruits as following :

  1. Watermelon (this is my lovely favorite fruit).
  2. Melon or cantaloupe.
  3. Pineapple.
  4. Papaya.
  5. Water chestnut.
  6. Seasonal fruits.


All are sold in pieces and usually it costs only IDR 500 until IDR 1,000. That’s so cheap and fresh. And in order to keep its freshness, the seller add plastics of ice on the fruits. Sometimes I buy 3-4 watermelon slices for my night snack.

Besides sliced fruits, he also sells various snacks such as fritters (from fried banana, doughnuts, sweet croquettes, wrapped choco banana fritter, leek martabak, lunpia (spring rolls), etc), arem-arem (a rolled rice with tempe or sambal goreng filling and wrapped with banana leaves), fried vermicelli sold in small amounts, various satay (usually intestines, quail egg, fake meatball or clamp ones) or crepes (usually it is chocolate crepes with coconut filling), tempe or tahu bacem (tempeh and tofu which cooked with brown palm sugar and other seasonings until it becomes dark brown in color). It depends on the seller for the additional snacks. As those are very economical in price, gelo-gelo seller becomes people’s favorite for having snack even at night.

This is another thing I can share about Indonesia, particularly in my surroundings. Enjoy it.



16 April 2013

20 Komentar

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20 responses to “(Goody Foody Semarang) : GELO-GELO

  1. Very interesting . Very practical and good price value I suppose.

  2. Kalau Gelo itu dalam bahasa Sundanya Gila/gendheng hehehe
    Jauh banget yaaaa…:)

  3. owalaaa… nyebutnya gelo gelo tho.
    Ada juga yang mangkal, kalau di Surabaya.

  4. tukang rujak itu gelogelo?
    kog baru tahu nama gini di semarang..

  5. ooo kirain semacam rujak buah gitu, hehe

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