(Blitz Poem) : CONSPIRACY (5)

It’s a dark
As dark as your tux
Who’s behind the dark
Only one eye
Sparkling but creepy
It is watching over you
And looks at another eye over there
Gradually a mysterious smile appears
A cloudy and tricky one
While another smiles again
A winning smile
A inhumane smile
It’s around you, and they’re ready
To make you as prey
Ah…..then…you’re late.

Semarang 15 April 2013

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    I think your poem fits my Digital Art Something Evil lurks at us from the Darkness posted on 4.April .Have a look .

    1. Really…. what a coincidence..

      1. angkasa13 says:

        hhaaa…. biasanya tripel

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