(Saturday Night Photos Part 2) : Semarang Old City at Night

Semarang Old City is one of Semarang’s tourism attraction. Many tourists, either domestic and overseas ones come to visit this old city when they pass through. Old City is also favorit place for photography and pre-wedding sessions. This is a starting point of Semarang’s development and there were canals which connected each other but now most of canals have disappeared.

Since colonial era, Semarang has become an important port especially for Central Java. The glory can be seen on its old city. Some of them have been restored for business purposes without changing its original architectures, but some others have been let abandoned and without maintenance. Then, the government should take action to preserve those old buildings, such buildings as De Spiegel, Marba and many more must be saved, as Semarang also applied to be 2020 World Heritage City, it is more than just a should, but must and cannot be postponed again.

Semarang is unique, and for me it is ‘Indies city’ where European, Chinese, Arabic and local cultures mingle into one identity. Therefore, there are several communities which have good missions to preserve our heritage. Whatever it is, though it is from former colonist, we must keep it as our historical learning. Such communities as OASE (Oude Stad Art and Culture) has taken action though step by step. This community also help to raise people’s consciousness about Semarang’s old heritage, and introducing it through discussion as well as direct action. This community also raises donation through selling shirts and exhibitions which are intended to inform everything about Semarang’s past, particularly Old City (Oude Stad).

Here I took these Old City pictures at night. Just several hours ago…I hope you’ll enjoy it and if you have got questions, please ask me and I’ll answer with all I know.

Terima kasih..



7 Comments Add yours

  1. It looks like a wonderful place. I hope it gets to be a World Heritage City.

    1. Yes..I hope it so much.
      Not just for Indonesia, but for the world.

  2. Hanno Phenn says:

    Wonderful Place it is worth to be kept in good shape.

    1. Yes, and we’re struggling to realize it.

  3. vatelechuza says:

    Very nice shots!!! It seems a mystical and mysterious corner of your country!

    1. Thank you..it is only tiny part of all…I hope you like it 🙂

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