(Saturday Night Photos Part 2) : Semarang Old City at Night

Semarang Old City is one of Semarang’s tourism attraction. Many tourists, either domestic and overseas ones come to visit this old city when they pass through. Old City is also favorit place for photography and pre-wedding sessions. This is a starting point of Semarang’s development and there were canals which connected each other but now…

(Saturday Night Post) : BEWARE!!!!!

Watch out!!!! I just share my portraits here….I took them just now after hanging out with my friends in Semarang Old City. This is me in the fourth month of 2013. Don’t be offended with me, then. Hehehehe..Just kidding! Have a nice Saturday Night!! (for Eastern Zone)

Weekly Photo Challenge : Change – Berubah (Part/Bagian 2)

De Spiegel building.. It was built during Dutch colonialism in Semarang, Indonesia. It is situated in Old Town/ Kota Lama and it was once a very important office building in its time. But time went by, after independence, this building as other old buildings surrounding are taken over from its original owner to others. Semarang…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Change – Berubah

Second per second everybody changes. From younger to older, from slimmer into robuster. Richer to poorer and vice versa. Sometimes I compare myself year by year and It is surprising, so many changes I’ve experienced. So therefore I share for the first time fully myself here. For this weekly photo challenge