(Post of Tonight) : Betawian Dancers – Penari Betawi

Betawi is derived from Batavia. This name also represents Jakartan’s indigenous society which is admixture from Nusantara’s people. Javanese, Sundanese, Malays, Balinese, Manggarais, Buginese, Portuguese, Arabs, Dutch, Chinese and Mardijkers are integral part of Betawian society. In this dance as I watched it more than a year ago, there is a highly Chinese influence particularly in the dancers’ costumes. I forget the dance’s name, but I just say Betawian dance. Enjoy it.



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  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Very colourful,very beautiful .

    1. Thank you…..Do you wanna try to convert one of these into digital art? hehehehe…

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        I can try email me a original if possible with one or two dancers I will give it a go then. Oh if you have a sound file with some music would be good for getting the feeling .

      2. Let me send you one of them. 🙂

      3. Hanno Phenn says:

        Do that I will try to make something. Maybe just do something with the Photo or do something in Digital Art with Flowpaper .let me see. I have to put my think cap on to see what I come up with.

      4. Okay, just wait then…:)

  2. tinsyam says:

    penari betawi di semarang?

    1. Aku ambil fotonya pas dulu ke Jakarta Mbak.

  3. fendikristin says:

    kangen banget uda lama nga liat blog2nya Mas Nono…apa kabar Mas?

    1. Hehehe..apa kabar Jeng? baik2 kan?

      1. fendikristin says:

        baik2 Mas Nono 😉 kapan ke jakarta lagi?

      2. Belum tahu, moga2 secepatnya. Disini masih repot soalnya..hehehe.

      3. fendikristin says:

        Mas Nono masih di Semarang? Sudah berganti kerjaan-kah?

      4. Masih kok, cuma udah pindah kerja sejak 7 bulan terakhir.

      5. fendikristin says:

        oke donk mas Nono! masih berkecimpung di dunia pendidikan?

      6. Masih kok….malah sibuk sekarang.

      7. fendikristin says:

        mantaaapppp! sukses ya Mas Nono! ditunggu kedatangan-nya di Jakarta 😉

      8. Insyaallah, doain aja bisa kesana lagi secepatnya. 🙂

      9. fendikristin says:

        amiiiinnnnnn 🙂

      10. Makasih…diisi lagi dong blognya. 🙂

      11. fendikristin says:

        iyaahh…lagi mencoba untuk nulis lagi *kretek kretek…uda lamaaaaa banget xixixii

      12. Share foto2 dulu aja…

    1. Iya..sesuai dengan karakter masyarakatnya.

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