(New Photos/Foto Baru) : Pelangi di atas Lawang Sewu/ The Rainbow over Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu means Thousand doors in Javanese.
It is a legendary building which located in the centre of Semarang, Central Java. It used to be train office in Dutch era, and built in 1908. It has been left since 1994 and it is famous of its scary stories and urban legend. But it is also one of Semarang’s icons which becomes a tourist attraction for ones who come to Semarang.

This afternoon when I was walking home from working, I saw a wonderful moment. It’s just rained and the rainbow was formed. I exclaimed ‘Subhanallah’ as it’s so beautiful and coincidentally I brought my camera and took the precious moments for you. Enjoy it.


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  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    That was a very lucky Day for you . Erg mooi.

    1. Yes, I feel so lucky to see the moment.

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        You are ,you are.

      2. Hehehehehe… actually I took more pictures, but I think these are the best ones.

      3. Hanno Phenn says:

        Common sense I would say .you can’t go wrong with making more pictures as you think you need.

      4. I think so. But I still need more learning.

      5. Hanno Phenn says:

        Don’t be shocked now but you and me as well ,we will never have learned enough there is always something we find to better ourselves.

      6. I agree about it. As we’re human will never be satisfied with what we’ve gotten.

      7. Hanno Phenn says:

        I think that is something we have to live with if we like it or not.That just what we are continue sly learning creatures.

      8. Learning and learning..
        Started from infant until we died.

  2. tinsyam says:

    motret dari depan museum tentara ya kearah lawangsewu..

    1. Gak, di depan Wisma Perdamaian kok, pas perjalanan pulang sore tadi.

      1. tinsyam says:

        depan rumah gubernur? kog angelnya beda ya kalu dari rumah gubernur..

      2. Aku sih gak gitu peduli Mbak soal angelnya..yang penting momen dapet. Hehehehee..

  3. The rainbow is very big and beautiful. It will bring luck to you 🙂

    1. Thank you…I hope so…:)

  4. ryan says:

    wah… pas banget mas.
    pelangi di sore hari. abis ujan gede ya?
    selalu bawa kamera mas ke mana2?

    1. Iya, dan aku beruntung banget…
      Bener..jarang2 lho ada pelangi segede itu. Btw aku sih kebetulan aja pas bawa jadi momen kayak gitu ketangkep.

      1. ryan says:

        nah… kebetulan yang ‘betul-betul’ wah ya.

      2. Bener, dan sampai sekarang aku masih terbayang momen itu.

  5. soonie2 says:

    What a beautiful capture! Lucky you!

    1. Yes, thank you…I am so lucky to see it.

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