(Sunday’s Photos) : Temple Adventures (Bima Temple/Candi Bima)

One of my passions is traveling. But I love to visit historical places, particularly old temples. Java island is rich of it. Many ancient temples are scattered in almost all part of Java. But there are still more temples which are waiting for to be excavated one day. Since I was a kid, I love to explore temples. Those are heritage of various old kingdoms or dynasty especially between 7th century until 14th century A.D. Recently, there are more archaeological sites found and it will reveal our true history.

Today I’d like to share my experiences started by this. This is Candi Bima (Bima temple). It is located in Dieng Plateau, Central Java and it is part of Banjarnegara regency. There are several temples, but only Bima and Dwarawati which are located distantly from others. While other temples are into one complex.

The uniqueness of Candi Bima is, its architecture is much alike temples in Southern India and this is the only Indonesian temple whose physical architecture resembles to Indian ones. The temple was allegedly built between 6 or 7th century AD or maybe much older. I wonder what technology they used to build in such plateau. But in general, I love this as it is one of our heritages. (all photos are my private collections)


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10 responses to “(Sunday’s Photos) : Temple Adventures (Bima Temple/Candi Bima)

  1. From the pictures I can get a sense how the atmosphere over ther. Nice shot.🙂

  2. Lihat foto kedua, kok sepertinya tanahnya dibiarkan lembek, tidak di aspal agar bangunan candi tersebut terjaga kebersihannya.

  3. OOT.

    Artikelmu yg ttg “Cross Cultural” yg juara itu bisa di link dong🙂

  4. HI these temples look to be very carefully preserved. I remember visiting a temple near Borobudur (when I was much younger) which was still engulfed by the forest and had such an amazing atmosphere. Coming across these overgrown places today must be quite amazing.

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