Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Textures

Every topics in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is always attractive and challenging. For this week’s challenge, I have several things I consider as textures. From anywhere and hopefully it can fulfill the requirements for Cee. Have a nice day!





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  1. suej says:

    I like the last two images – what are they? And thanks for the ‘like’ on my blog!

    1. That’s Indonesian Batik. Those are inspired by leaves and wood textures. Those are my batik suit for working. Hehehehe.

  2. chiemayindah says:

    Seperti biasa, selalu suka dengan fotonya Pak Bambang… 🙂
    Btw, itu pantai apa pak?

    1. Itu pantai Sundak..di Gunung Kidul sana hehehehee..

  3. Cee Neuner says:

    Fabulous textures. I could touch all these surfaces!!!

    1. Thank you Cee…I always love your challenges.

  4. ibuseno says:

    saya juga selalu suka foto2nya Cak Nono..
    btw itu yg di atas batik ( no 2 ) dr bawah dinding candi mana Cak ?

    1. Ooo..itu tempat wudhu di Mesjid Menara Kudus Teh. Masih asli dari dulu.

  5. Superb ! …. fantastic idea for this theme Pak 😀

    1. Thank you very much…you too Hehehehe.

  6. Love the first one! I have a walkway very similar, but smaller. Really nice collection of textures!

    1. Thank you very much Tamara. Have you? Do you share it? Let me see..:)

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