(Blitz Poem) : CONSPIRACY (5)

Eyes to eyes They’re watching you Smile as sweet as devil Laugh as loud as hyena Shake hand each other Ready to stab from behind Don’t tell anyone That’s the secret Bury it as if you’re kicking a bouquette of daisy Don’t reveal and unveile Semarang 25 March 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge : Future Tense

It reminds me about Present Future Tense….We don’t know about our own future. But we must always hope for it. Better and brighter future. This is what I get from this week’s challenge. Still Not Phoneography..hehehe. Taken at : Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo and Borobudur Temple, Magelang (all in Central Java, Indonesia).

(Today’s Photos) : MUSICIAN

I took these pictures when there was Semarang Bali Festival several weeks ago. They played quiet simple, I mean with simple ensemble, but so melodious. Enjoy these pictures…Rindik musicians from Bali

(Bilingual Blitz Fiction) : CONSPIRACY

Malam itu sangat kelam. Hanya temaram bulan sabit, tanpa bintang. Gelap gulita, sesekali terdengar suara serigala melolong. Di sebuah rumah besar, di dalam ruangan yang penuh rahasia, dua orang sedang serius membicarakan sesuatu. Sesuatu yang haram diketahui oleh siapapun. Sesekali terdengar suara tawa dari mereka. “Hahahaha….apa sudah kau sebarkan informasi itu?” kata salah satu lelaki…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : CIRCLES AND CURVES

Shapes and textures? Sure? This week’s challenge is so crazy! I’ve got so many collections about it. Don’t worry…I’ll share you some parts. Let me show you some Indonesian’s beauty within it. This is mine for this challenge!

(Blitz Poem) : CONSPIRACY (4)

Deal? Deal! Let’s shake our hands We have got a great plan Just between you and I Nobody may know about it This is our agreement Never let our victim knows Just as smooth as smoke Let them unrecognize Till……… the execution Bambang Priantono 19 March 2013

A Word A Week Challenge : ACTION!!!

At first, I’d like to say “Oh My God!” There are so many challenges here till it makes me dizzy. Which one should I take first then? But it’s not problem at all. I love these challenges. For this week’s theme, I present several captures I took from different events. These are my interpretations. Action!…

(Travel Theme) : GREEN

I don’t have to go too far for seeking green as my surroundings have been green. This is several pictures I took recently for this theme and hopefully fit for you too. Have a nice green all!

(Saturday Night Pics) : Another Side of Semarang/ Sisi Lain Semarang

Semarang is very complicated in contours. It has got flat area in near coast and hilly in the southern parts (Kota Bawah-Lower city and Kota Atas- Upper city). Sometimes it is extreme in particular places. Sometimes I do some walk for exercise in those hilly areas. At least not far from my home. Here are…

(Saturday Night’s Journal) : GOODY FOODY SEMARANG

Semarang is located in the heart of Java island. It is also one of Indonesia’s main port and becomes governmental center for Central Java. Since centuries, it has been part of cultural exchanges as its position. Many nationalities come, live and influence its life aspects, includes its culinary atmospheres. For this journal, I would like…