Music is universal
Everything can be expressed by music
Personally I love traditional ethnic musics, anything. Indonesia has got various music ensemble which in many respects cannot be found in other countries. But unfortunately, many youngsters have ignored it as they prefer to the modern ones. Here I’d like to share the following, from my surroundings…traditional and modern. For this challenge.

1. Balinese Rindik Ensemble
2. Surakartan Traditional Court Gamelan
3. Gambang Semarang, and also
4. Violin which is very global universal


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20 responses to “A WORD A WEEK CHALLENGE – MUSIC

  1. aku seh males edit, sesuk aelah upload

  2. waduh jadi mrasa bersalah krn kurang memperhatikan musik tradisional😦

  3. Reblogged this on A Word in Your Ear and commented:
    lovely interpretation of the A WORD A WEEK CHALLENGE – MUSIC from bam

  4. wow…. *siap2 dilempar karena cuma wow*

  5. musicnya beraneka ragam.. keren2 mas

  6. Wonderful photos for the challenge.🙂

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