Weekly Photo Challenge : A Day in My Life (One part…the rest….coming soon)

This is intended to follow this week’s challenge.

For this week’s challenge, I should have gone out for looking for inspiration. However, when I was preparing a cup of coffee for my ‘klein onbijten’ (little breakfast) this morning, I  suddenly realized that inspiration and day can be started from a cup of coffee. Even though I don’t really like black coffee, and prefer a cup of white one, but it has got many meanings for me.

You can start your day by this. These are photos that reflect my day. I love (white) coffee and traveling around my own hometown.

DSC01132 DSC01131 DSC01130

1. Chinese Temple in Jalan Layur, Semarang
2. Old Mosque in Jalan Layur, Semarang
3. Monkey dancer on Jalan Indraprasta, Semarang (3-5)


26 Comments Add yours

  1. fauziyah junid says:

    Instant coffee katanya akan, mudah menambah berat badan…kata mereka…hehe

    1. Ya memang sih. Cuma tergantung berapa banyak yang dikonsumsi. Hehehe

    2. ibuseno says:

      Masa siiih.. waduh saya penyuka kopi instan nih.. pantesan gemuk terus #ngalesan 🙂

      1. Hehehehehehee….ngeles teroossss

  2. Bams Triwoko says:

    Punya foto “topeng monyet” yg lagi naik motor mas ?
    – OOT: pls check email, wis tak kirim.. 😀 –

    1. Pas gak ada Pak..itu kebetulan aja lho aku njeprete.

  3. tinsyam says:

    haduh topeng monyetnya..

  4. ulillala says:

    haduh sregep banget cak melu foto challenge

    1. Selagi sempet…hehehehe…alon2 wae.

  5. Teuku Zamer says:

    fotonya bener-bener sehari seumur hidup mas ! 😀

    1. Hehehehehe…makasih ya 🙂

  6. Ina says:

    ga suka kopi…. dan jarang nyediain kopi juga 🙂

    1. Thank you very much….this is it and I love the coffee as it’s got deep philosophy. Have a nice day 🙂

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