(Flash Fiction of The Day) : NECROPOLIS (ENGLISH)

This is English version of Nekropolis which was written in Bahasa Indonesia.

“Where do you want to take me?” Asked Asha when Arkha was holding her hand.
Arkha, He was just keep silent. Suddenly Arkha found herself wearing the best dress. The most enormously beautiful dress she had never had before.
“Arkha, where do you wanna bring me?” Asked Asha again. From her sweet lips.
There’s no answer. But when she looked at him, his face seems lifeless. Freeze as what Asha felt right now.
He kept holding Asha’s hand and walked forward. He didn’t listen her complains and protests.
“Arkha? Arkha?” Asha kept questioning.
Only a silence….a deep freeze silence there was. Suddenly there was a thick creepy cloud along with the sudden darkness.
Then, Arkha and Asha had been in front of a humongous big gate. Dark, scary, and behind it there were well structured bricks. Dark and much alike settlements, but it was so silent, and windy. No one’s there and it looked so gloomy.

The gate then opened suddenly.

Arkha released his hold from Asha. He walked, then, to the entrance. Slowly. Asha couldn’t move from her standing point and..

“Arkha…Arkha….where are you going?”

For a while, Arkha kept silent. But suddenly, he looked at Asha and said

“Thanks for bringing me here.”

After, there was something laughing. Initially one, but then many and originated from the bricks. So creepy, scary and deadly.

Those weren’t from human’s laugh.

Bambang Priantono
27 March 2013

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