(Saturday Night Pics) : Another Side of Semarang/ Sisi Lain Semarang

Semarang is very complicated in contours. It has got flat area in near coast and hilly in the southern parts (Kota Bawah-Lower city and Kota Atas- Upper city). Sometimes it is extreme in particular places. Sometimes I do some walk for exercise in those hilly areas. At least not far from my home. Here are some of them. Taken around Jalan Sumbing, Semarang.



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  1. penuhcinta26 says:

    I think I have stayed for a vacation in the uphill side of Semarang, where they sell lots of Durian Petruk. It was a long time ago though, when I was still a little girl.

    1. Ooo…It must be Gunung Pati. Right? Hehehehee…

  2. Why Semarang Town was called as “Kota Atlas” ?

    1. This is acronym…I forget…lemme check

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