(Today’s Photo) : The Spider

There is a spider which has nested in a tree near school yard for a long time. I don’t exactly know when she comes. But my students initially fed her by giving some grasshoppers, ants or sometimes moths. Recently it is left alone as my students get bored. Spider, she’s a very patient creature.




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  1. Hengki says:

    Melihat foto nya jadi terkenang beberapa tahun yang lalu. Dulu sempat beberapa kali lihat yang jenis seperti ini di kampus. Jadi ingat waktu masih muda :’D

    1. Hehehehehe….memang sekarang usianya berapa nih?

      1. Hengki says:

        Sudah 21 mas *malu* 😀

      2. Halah…masih muda laa.

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