(Photos of a day) : Balinese Ogoh-Ogoh

Ogoh-ogoh is a tradition predates Balinese Hindu tradition called Nyepi. It is usually held days before Nyepi. Nyepi means absent from everything during 24 hours and it is intended to celebrate New Saka Year based on Hindu’s calendar system. At the Nyepi time, all parts of Bali is in black out as it is not allowed to turn electricity on, not going anywhere, just stay at home or Pura (Hindu temple). Non Hindus are still allowed to go out, but limited as for respecting the Hindus. It is all aimed to purify themselves for welcoming new year.

The Ogoh-ogoh itself depicts Gods, Demons or even sometimes popular things. It is brought along streets and every Banjars (villages) made their own ogoh-ogoh. For the first time I see Ogoh-ogoh by myself. Not in Bali, but in Semarang…..along with Semarang Bali Festival 2013.

Happy Celebrating Nyepi for All Hindus! May God bless you! 🙂



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  1. Manti malam di sini juga ada ogoh-ogoh di alun-alun Pemko Batam

    1. Iya, lagi rame-rame jelang Nyepi nih… disini udah duluan. Besok mau intip Pura Girinata aah.

  2. ibuseno says:

    Wah.. Jakarta tadi ogoh2 di Lap Monas, sayang saya gak liat

    1. Iya, disini sih udah kemarin acaranya. Aku beruntung bisa lihat semuanya. Hehehee.

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