(Sunday Photo) : SMILE, LITTLE GIRL

(Sunday Photo) : SMILE, LITTLE GIRL

I took this photo yesterday. In the rainy Saturday, but I was attracted in a little girl who bringing an umbrella. She’s wearing Balinese costume for fashion competition and I just know that her name’s Kirana. She’s so cute and attractive though I guess she’s still around 3-4 years old.

Enjoy her smile for you all.


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  1. Ina says:

    balinese costume selalu khas dipadu ama si unga kanboja yah… gak afdol klo diganti bunga yang lain.

    1. Diganti bunga yang lain gak akan sebagus kamboja, dan keknya sudah jadi ciri khas yang tidak bisa dirubah.

  2. senyum pepsodent. tink 😀

      1. kang mas dimana neh?

  3. Acep : Di Semarang laaa

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