(Photos of the day) : Balinese Costume Fashion Show for Kids

Just now I went to a festival near my house. It was at Semarang city hall under name Semarang Bali Festival 2013. It is held annually and performs anything about Bali. So you don’t have to go Bali if you have no time then.

One of the events is Bali costume fashion show for kids. Several kids wore Balinese costumes, either traditional or modified. Here I share some of them because I’ve taken so many photos till confused which one should I upload here. Hehehe..

Enjoy it.

Love from Semarang, Indonesia



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  1. When on Bali, I went to visit one of the local schools. They were just training for a school opening ceremony and they did the dance just to make us happy. Even if they were not wearing the traditional costumes, it was very impressive to see, due to all these incredibly cute facial expressions, which are a part of the dance, as I heard.

    1. Balinese dances are famous of its beauty and mystery at the same time. I think you’ve experienced a wonderful time when you’re there. Though I am Indonesian, I only visited Bali once for my lifetime. Whereas only 2 hours by plane from my place or 1 night by bus.

  2. Chas Spain says:

    Balinese dance is quite possibly the most beautiful art form in the world and so difficult – great if young people are still taking it up and continuing the tradition

    1. Every Indonesian dances has got its own uniqueness. I love all as well as Balinese dance. Yes, Balinese dance’s gestures are so difficult. But Javanese court dances especially Bedhaya and Srimpi are extremely difficult to. It seems smooth but I think it can burn calories much than running. Hehehehe. Hopefully more and more people continuing these beautiful dances.

  3. adinparadise says:

    Beautiful costumes. 🙂

    1. Thank you..that’s why I love ’em. 🙂

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