(Blitz Poem) : CONSPIRACY

ConspiracyAs icy as your mother’s dainty fridge
As gastly as your smelly large brimmed hat
As crazy as your mad cow
As gloomy as dodo’s extinction

As mysterious as one behind black curtain
As dangerous as your brother’s broken motorcycle
As disastrous as Asia’s tsunami
As suspicious as the thing within your birthday’s present

As creepy as Nosferatu’s coffin
As scary as your momma’s beauty mask
As spooky as your favourite dementor
As shaky as hidden quake beneath you

As indistinguishable as lost in details
As unrecognizable as louses beneath your bed
As irresponsible as deserted soldiers
As miserable as Romeo and Juliet’s end

People hate it….
But also love it
At the same time
As dodo’s death

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5 responses to “(Blitz Poem) : CONSPIRACY

  1. What does it means dodo’s extinction? and dodo’s death?

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