(Today’s pictures) : Once Upon A Time in (Semarang) China(town)

Semarang is capital of Central Java, Indonesia. It has been an important harbour for more than centuries and surely there have been various acculturation between nations. One of them is Chinatown, or Indonesian refers to Pecinan. Here I’d like to share some pictures of Pecinan…some from my brother’s, but taken from my camera. Enjoy it. For the first part, I’d like to share its daily aspects. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI



8 Comments Add yours

  1. tinsyam says:

    woah kemaren banjir kan pecinan?

    1. Gak tau Mbak…aku gak kesana pas banjir kemarin.

  2. fauziyah junid says:

    Upload foto2 skool sir…

  3. Kok seperti Semarang tahun 50-an yo

    1. Sampe saiki sik ngono Mas

  4. JNYnita says:

    kue cap bayi… agak horor namanya…

    1. Itu terkenal lho disini. Tiap mudik aku sering bawain buat orang2 dirumah.

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