(Today’s pictures) : Once Upon A Time in (Semarang) China(town)- Part 2 : The Temples

Chinese Temple is everywhere. In almost every parts of the world you can find at least one. In Bahasa, Chinese Temple is called ‘Kelenteng’ based on ‘teng-teng-teng’. Here I present some Kelenteng scattered within Semarang’s chinatown. Enjoy it.


Location : Semarang’s Chinatown – Pecinan Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Taken : Last week


9 Comments Add yours

  1. gambarpacul says:

    iki tempate beda karo sik di upload ning MP kae cak?

  2. tinsyam says:

    eh ada ular.. emang tahun ular ya..

    1. Emang
      Taun Ular Air..masak lupa?

  3. frizztext says:

    Chinese Temples – and motorbikes – are everywhere …

    1. Yeach…but this is the reality

  4. lisa says:

    nuansa cina ya mas, sampe tadi saya kira ini foto di cina, hehehe

    1. Hehehehee…padahal di Pecinan

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