(Post of A Day) : From Semarang With ‘PAMER KERTAS DJADOEL’- This was Our Language (2)

 The exhibition has been done several days ago, but it has taught us for not forgetting our past. Whether it is good or not. Some people have collected various memorabilia from the past especially between 1890s-1980s, in order to save the memory by reasons.

The ‘PAMER KERTAS DJADOEL’ on 2nd-3rd February 2013 exhibited old things from advertisements, certificates, ID cards, magazines, novels, comics and many more. When we read it, all made us flashback to the past, to our grandparents or great-grandparents era. Particularly in language aspects, we can see how our national country changed constantly and as you see, many younger generation cannot understand even read 1920s-1940s advertisements as its spelling and grammar. Even some of them were written in Malay-Arabic and Dutch.

Understanding those old ones here require Dutch proficiency, though maybe it’s been little bit different than recent Dutch.

Here some of them again along with its Modern equivalent and English


Contemporary Indonesian :

Penayangan film ini dilarang di Myanmar, Rusia, Polandia dsb dsb


Hangat dan Menggemparkan.

Berdasarkan pengakuan di pengadilan yang menggemparkan dari Igor Gouzenko.

Terlibat perkara kegiatan mata-mata Rusia untuk mendapatkan rahasia bom atom.

Tak ada satupun kejadian yang demikian mengerikan dan diungkap secara mendalam pada film ini.

Segera hadir di REX Semarang.


 Contemporary Indonesian :

Rasa kue-kue ini tentu sangat enak karena dibuat dengan Susu Cap Nona.

Susu Cap Nona yang terbaik

English :

The cakes are very delicious, because they are made of Milkmaid

Milkmaid is the best


Contemporary Indonesian :

Es puter ini terasa begitu lezat apabila menggunakan Susu Cap Nona

English :

This coconut ice is very delicious, as it is made of Milkmaid


Contemporary Indonesian :

Beruntung dan Sehat

Beribu-ribu orang yang minum Jamu Iboe cap 2 nyonya, merasa beruntung karena badan sehat dan jauh dari penyakit. Tidak mengherankan karena Jamu Iboe terbuat dari bahan-bahan berkualitas terbaik, dan dikerjakan oleh pakar jamu yang sudah berpengalaman dibidangnya.

Harga iklan –gratis

English :

Lucky and Healthy

Thousand people who have consumed Jamu (Herbal) Iboe cap 2 nyonya feel luck by healthiness and free of any illness. It is not surpising as Jamu Iboe is made of best quality ingredients and made by the experts.


Bambang Priantono

7 February 2013


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chas Spain says:

    This is really interesting – to see the extent of transition of languages during this time

    1. Yes, language changes along with the time..what we’re speaking now is very different to our grandparents even great-greatparents too.

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