Weekly Photo Challenge : UNIQUE

I was walking around in a big mall in my hometown, Semarang. I heard that there is an event which exhibit something unique. When I know something unique, I’ll always try to come. Fortunately the mall is close to my home then.

There are PUNAKAWAN (read : Poo-nuh-kuh-one) made entirely by chocolate and it has been registered as the unique choco statues by MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia = Record Museum of Indonesia). Let me tell you some about the PUNAKAWAN. About the size?? hmmmm….I think fatter than myself! hahaha.

PUNAKAWAN is four funny characters which accompany PANDAWA in MAHABHARATA epoch. However, those PUNAKAWAN is only found in Indonesian version, not in original version of MAHABHARATA itself. PUNAKAWAN was appeared along with Islamic mission in Nusantara during the 15th century and always shown in break session for refreshing or when the conflict (in Wayang show) came into climax, they always appear to solve . The PUNAKAWAN is famous of their funny and also wisdom. There are several versions of PUNAKAWAN, especially in Java and Bali. But the well-known ones are as the following :Image

1. SEMAR BADRANAYA (allegedly derived from Arabic word ‘ISMAR’). He is the father of all PUNAKAWAN. He is also known as ISMAYA, Bathara Guru’s brother. He is wise and Pandawa’s advisor.

ImageGareng (left) and Petruk (right)

2. PETRUK (some say from the word ‘FITRUQ’) (Sundanese call him DAWALA). He has got long nose and the tallest among the PUNAKAWAN.

ImagePetruk (left) and Bagong (right)

3. BAGONG. He appeared from SEMAR’s shadow so that’s why he looks alike him.

4. GARENG or in Sundanese called CEPOT. He’s considered as the eldest among the PUNAKAWAN.


Many versions appear, and only found in Wayang (puppet show) and MAHABHARATA in Indonesian versions (Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese). Hopefully you will enjoy it though the photos are not so clear….yummy..made of chocolate!

And all photos are….my own.🙂


Have a nice weekend ! special for weeklyphotochallenge

Bambang Priantono

2 February 2013

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28 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : UNIQUE

  1. fauziyah junid


  2. PUNAKAWAN (read : Poo-nuh-kuh-one) <<<–edjaan eang diseliwerkand

  3. Bener-bener unik mas…🙂

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  7. Baru tahu saya kalo Gareng itu sama dengan si Cepot.

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