(Photo gallery of the day) : From Semarang With ‘PAMER KERTAS DJADOEL’

DJADOEL or JADUL means Jaman Dulu or Tempo Doeloe or Old-Fashioned…

A community named OASE (Oude Stad Art and CulturE) which concerns on Semarang’s heritage held an exhibition called PAMER KERTAS DJADOEL or Old-Time Paper Exhibitions. It is held on 2-3 February 2013 at Siwil and Semarang Art Galleries, Semarang Old City. It exhibits various items from the colonial era until 1970-1980s especially newspapers, books, posters (original or repro), magazines, postcards, wedding invitations, ID cards or even coupons. You can see there and it is intended to show about the heritage as well as introduce Semarang from another side.

From those papers, we can learn about our own history. It is intended also for remind us, never forget our own history though it’s only petite histoire (small history).

Heritage must be preserved and OASE has done many things to do it and hopefully continue until unlimited time. Here they are…

Let’s save our heritage

Location : Semarang Old City




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wuahhh… fotonya keren-keren, ijin save as yo… buat koleksi pribadi saja. Saya suka banget ngelihat yang jadul-jadul. Serasa badan ini dibawa ke masa lalu.

    1. Aku masih punya banyak kok Mas…jangan kuatir

  2. hai pemuda, berjuanglah bagi nusa dan bangsa.. aiih..

    1. Mari berjuang dari yg kecil dulu

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