Weekly Photo Challenge :Ilumination

I took several pictures related to the light in the evening when I was in one of the most famous legends in my hometown, Semarang namely Lawang Sewu (thousand doors). It is famous of its mystical stories as well as its architecture. The light in this building is very charming, contrast to the night. Even though the historical building has been abandoned for years, but it provides something brightful as the lights within the building.

Mysterious but also gives its brighter side.

This weeks photo challenge is illumination


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  1. Larasati says:

    lawang sewu, dedi kangen semarang

      1. Larasati says:

        nah itu, teman2 di sana jg udah pd nanyain kapan ke semarang lagi tp belum bisa

      2. Larasati says:

        hmmm tahun kemarin bulan april berarti ?? hehe gak tahulah…kalau ada rejeki pasti kesana soale sahabat saya banyak disana pakdhe…nanti dikabarin pastilah

  2. ibuseno says:

    alwang sewu.. keren ya cak

    1. Iya..kalo malem keren banget lhoo

  3. The photographs are very soothing! Thanks for sharing!
    Greetings from our traveling family, and another passionate amateur photographer!

    1. You’re welcome “)
      I’ll check it then…

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