(Today’s poetry) : OBLIVION

Lonely au milieu the crowd

As if a lonely remote deserted temple

Dead as a dodo’s forerunner

Unwritten in history

Just alone

Left behind, ignored

Not know where the heart will be

Thrown into the deep of sea

For then to be oblivious

Lonely au milieu the crowd

Some time will be extremely well-known

But then..one day

It comes






Only God who will always remember

Though in oblivion as the deserted temple

Which will become a bunch of decayed stones

Or will dead as a dodo’s mother

Never be worry

God is always be here

As far as never forget Him


 Bambang Priantono


11 Rajab 1431H/10 Rejep 1943 Dal


8 Comments Add yours

  1. hapkat says:

    ah very
    indeed. .

    1. That’s galau poetry hehehee

  2. Pagi-pagi galau mas,harus dikasi yang anget2 tuh^^

    1. Udah panas malahan hehehehe

  3. Thanks a ton for using time to create “(Todays poetry) :
    OBLIVION | bambangpriantono”. Many thanks yet again ,Dena

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