(Post of a day) : How to Say Ramayana Characters in Various Languages?

Hanoman (Javanese version)

Ramayana is a very popular epic originated from Valmiki’s work. It has been spread from India until South-East Asia and having got its own versions in various countries…especially in India itself, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as The Philippines (Maranao version). In Burma its drama is called Yama Zatdaw, Ramakien in Thailand, Phra Lak Phra Lam in Laos, Reamker in Kampuchea, Hikayat Seri Rama in Malaysia, Kakawin Ramayana in Indonesia (especially Javanese and Balinese), and Maharadia Lawana (Maranao, The Philippines). Despite of different recent religions. Indo-China countries are mostly Buddhist, Malaysia-Indonesia are mostly Muslim while most of The Philippines adhere Christianity (except several predominately Muslim ethnic groups), Ramayana is survived and developed among them.

In Indonesia itself, Ramayana is famous in Sendratari Ramayana (Javanese) and Ramayana version in Bali. Okay, let me tell you some Ramayana characters in several languages as far as I know.


Started from
Dasharatta : Dhasarata, Dosoroto (Indonesian, Javanese), Dasarata (Malay), Dasarath (Khmer), Dasagiri (Burmese), Thotsorot (Thai), Thotarot (Lao)
Kausalya : Kosalya (Javanese), Mandudari (Malay), Kausuriya (Thai), Kokalya (Khmer), Kothalla (Burmese)
Sumitra : Sumitra (Indonesian, Javanese), Samutra (Malay), Thumitra (Burmese), Sramut (Khmer)
Kaikeyi : Kekayi (Indonesian, Malay, Javanese), Kaike (Burmese), Kaiyakesi (Thai), Kaikesi (Khmer)
Rama : Ramawijaya (Javanese), Rama (Indonesian), Yama (Burmese), Preah Ream (Khmer), Phra Ram (Thai, Lao), Megat Seri Rama (Malay), Raja Bantugan (Maranao)
Bharata : Barata (Indonesian, Javanese), Baradan (Malay), Bhadra (Burmese), Phra Phrot (Thai)
Lakshmana : Lakkhana (Burmese), Laksamana/Lasmana/Lesmana/Lesmono (Indonesian, Javanese), Phra Lam (Thai & Lao), Laksamana (Malay).
Shatrughna : Satrugna (Indonesian, Javanese), Citradan (Malay), Tharugana (Burmese)
Sita : Dewi Sinta (Indonesian, Javanese), Siti Dewi (Malay), Nang Sida (Thai & Lao), Thida (Burmese), Neang Seda (Khmer)

Hanuman : Hanoman (Indonesian), Anoman (Javanese), Hanuman (Malay, Thai, Burmese)
Anjanya : Anjani (Indonesian, Javanese, Malay), Sawaha (Thai)
Sugriva : Sugriwa (Malay, Indonesian, Javanese), Su-Khrip (Thai), Sugeep (Lao), Sukhreeb (Khmer), Tughyeik (Burmese)
Vali : Subali (Indonesian, Javanese), Balya (Malay), Phali (Thai), Phalichan (Lao)
Angada : Hanggada (Indonesian), Anggodo (Javanese), Seri Anggada (Malay), Ongkot (Thai)

Ravana : Rahwana (Indonesian), Rahwana/Dasamuka (Javanese), Rawana (Malay), Lawana (Maranao), Raphanasuan (Lao), Thosakan (Thai), Krong Reap (Khmer), Yawana (Burmese), Rabon (Bengali)
Vibhisana : Wibisana (Indonesian, Javanese), Bibi-thana (Burmese), Phipbhi (Lao), Phipek (Thai), Bibhek (Khmer), Bibusanam (Malay)

Kumbhakarna : Kumbokarno (Javanese), Kumbikhanna (Burmese), Kumphakan (Thai)
Indrajit : Indrajit (Sanskrit, Indonesian, Javanese), Inderajati (Malay), Indazita (Burmese), Inthorochit (Thai), Inthachi (Lao)
Maricha : Marica (Indonesian, Javanese), Martanja (Malay), Mareet (Thai)

Jambavan : Jembawan (Indonesian, Javanese), Jambuwana (Malay), Zabaman (Burmese), Chomphuphan (Thai)
Janaka : Janoko (Javanese), Janak (Khmer), Chanok (Thai), Maharisi Kala (Malay)Jatayu : Burung Jatayu (Indonesian), Jentayu (Malay), Sadayu (Thai)

Ayodhya : Ayutthaya (Thai), Ayodya (Indonesian)
Lanka : Alengkadirja (Indonesian)

All are written based on local pronunciations, and some nativizations occured as such Mahabharata in Indonesian versions which have additional funny characters (punakawan) and different settings even between Indonesians themselves.

Whatever the versions, Ramayana has still got the real root. The story between Rama and Sita.

Regards and Love


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