(Post of a Day) : 2013 Resolution : One Weekly Short Story

Finally I can write in 2013, without any problems and if so, it has been left behind along with the 2012’s ‘doomsday’ as some people believed. 121212 and 211212 ‘doomsdays’ have been passed and…see, everything is okay. Just the biggest silly global gimmick for me. Welcome to 2013 and hopefully all of you will get more success.

I am still relatively new in this blog. I started my wordpress account on June 2012 meanwhile I was still stuck in my previous web blog which has been almost 8 years in age (what a long age!). Because of something happened, I must move from my beloved blog, leaving all my belongings there which have been more than 3000 posts. It wasn’t easy for me to start from beginning. In this new home, I start from zero while sometimes copy and paste some of my own previous blog’s posts here. The reason why I must leave is much similar when friendster became vanished. Nothing immortal in the world, one site can be deleted by many causes. Firstly I couldn’t accept and stopped writing anything for a while. My mood had been deteriorated into almost nadir point. Honestly, from blogging I can find my writing skill getting increased and increased, even I could compete to some writing competitions and it’s not easy at all. Thanks for blogging in my previous home….in the beginning, I couldn’t write anything but short, gradually into longer, longer and I felt it becomes part of my needs besides eating, drinking and….(should I mention it? Hahaha).

From serious posts into gimmick ones I’ve done it for more than 8 years. I’ve got so many friends from blogging, even much more than my realtime friends, but when we meet, we consider each other as old fellas, not just merely online buddies or something else. Many gatherings we have held even though mostly among Indonesian friends or sometimes with Malaysian ones. And from such gathering there were many contributions especially for social-oriented activities which made us closer like a big family.

I usually write (or actually literally talking) about culture, social, traveling, history, language and all its aspects though occasionally I also talk about my daily life or events I attended. As a matter of that, I love to share it all as far as it is advantageous either for others or myself. Once more, I also sometimes write short stories and flash fictions.

My resolution for 2013 is writing one short story per week and also flash fictions. I have got so many sources, and I learn to explore it through my written fictions. Those are still in Bahasa, but maybe some of them will be translated into English, I promised for it. I am new here, but not really new in blogosphere and I will do it with all my best. I’ve done one short story and expecting to finish one more in the following week.

One short story per week…..welcome 2013!

Bambang Priantono

6 January 2013


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  1. fauziyah junid says:

    u write…i read…!

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