Weekly Photo Challenge : RESOLVED

ImageHappy New Year 2013 for anybody! Hopefully you’ll get what you’d wished on the year changing then. Let me share my photographs. I don’t know why I interpreted resolution as fresher than the previous year. Fresh as the hard candy I shared to you. I took these pictures when I bought the old-fashioned hard candy. Why did I tell bout it? As it has been established since 1931 and only sold particularly in Central Java, Indonesia. DAVOS, as its name…reminded me to a city in Switzerland. Maybe DAVOS was considered as fresh and cool because it is made of menthol and pepermint.

Btw, in Indonesian language….candy means PERMEN, and surprisingly derived from the word PEPPERMINT!

Why do I share it? It represents freshness and expectations of myself in this 2013. Whatever the result, but I believe it will be a better year as well as better at photography in the future. Spirit!!! ImageRegards,

Bambang Priantono of Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : RESOLVED

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  3. Permen Davos… nostalgia sekian puluh tahun lalu…🙂
    Masih ada yg jual ya mas ??

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