(Note of Today) : English Writing Experience

Writing in English? Indeed! I have done it several times, even at my heyday of blogging especially in Multiply (who said to be terminated its blog, but unfortunately it still does exist) all my journals are in English. But then gradually my blog became bilingual and within one year totally in Bahasa…

Sometimes I wanna laugh when many people say Bahasa Indonesia as simply ‘Bahasa’. Why don’t they say ‘Indonesian’ or something else? I think then it will be alright to differentiate, and when people say ‘bahasa’ we will directly know that what they (foreigners) mean is our national language.

Talking about English writing, I ever had got bad experiences when I was still student in a prestigious university in Surabaya. I’d got a lecturer who always gave his students mark ‘D’ even ‘E’ in writing class. He always wrote in my paper ‘there are so many mistakes in your writing’. But, which one? He didn’t say anything. I always got ‘D’ in writing class till getting bored with all things. Sometimes I didn’t do his homework, and when he asked about ‘domain’, I only said within the bottom of my heart ‘what a heck?’ ‘D’ and “D” I got till sometimes I considered myself as Mr. D…hahahaha..not only me…most of my friends especially males also got the same mark. I am not aloonnneee..

But when he was sent to Australia continuing his study, all students who got D or E in his lectures seemed get enlightened. Of course me as well, we redid all his lectures and you know the result? I love writing more than before. I’d got A in some writing subjects, including Creative writing. Hahahaha, absolutely joyful.

I rarely write something especially blog in English then. But remembering my experiences in writing class then reminded me on something. “Keep writing, express yourself” More than 8 years I have been writing though the media is about to be terminated (whenever). I also feel stressed and stop writing for a while, after someone said that we mustn’t be too dependent on one media. Multiply is only a media which cannot be eternal. Maybe also this blog one day.

Maybe today, blog is not as famous as before. Because many people prefer to talk and being fuzzy only in short sentences via facebook, twitter or whatever. But I think for whom loves writing longer, blog is still very important. Let me try to write occasionally in English from now. I need to improve it again, again and again for the next.

Ungrammatical? it doesn’t matter, as learning is a process…not instant.

Thanks for multiply as developing my writing skills for 8 years.

Bambang Priantono

4 December 2012

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14 responses to “(Note of Today) : English Writing Experience

  1. Hallo Mr. B
    keep writing and let me learn

  2. Nice experience you’ve shared. I think what you’ve been doing is scrimpy thing on common Indonesian blogger whereas it is as a means of English skill’s exercises. Some times I do dreams on such thing happens to my blog, even was thinking it is in Japanese but aside from my dumb confidence, I’ve to take into consideration of Indonesian readers’ needs. Except your blog’s orientation is to non indonesian readers, it will be disparate. I gueses…….😀

  3. Writing in English is not that easy I guess.😦

  4. Haryo Wicaksono

    Yeah.. i also like writing in english.. but seldom in my blog.
    I write some scientific papers for publications,..😛

  5. Keep writing. Thou shallt get better and better.

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